Fotografie Santiago De Flô
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Foto door Tom Abeloos

It’s not about telling a story. It’s about the perception of beauty. Every subject or object has the potential to be beautiful. But we just need to see it.

When I started doing photography I quickly realized that there are two worlds. First of all, there’s the world that we live in. Where I go to my daytime job, where I get in my car and drive without having the time to look at something or someone else. And then there’s the world through the lens of my camera. Here the details do matter. Here I have the time to look at the world on a much smaller scale. How does the light fall on the face of my subject? How is it related to its surroundings? Whether it is a man, woman or a child, a manmade object or a creation of nature: I’ll try to find the beauty of it. And hope that you’ll see it too.

In a changing world of digital media I discovered the classic method of photography. Analogue. Film. Darkroom. Chemicals. Development. The excitement when the picture appears on paper just the way you wanted. The disappointment when it doesn’t. It makes you think about pressing the button. The eternal struggle when you are in doubt: “does it get any better than this?” It is only when you see your image appear on paper in the darkroom that you know why you captured this frame (or what you possibly did wrong).

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By the great Tom Abeloos -

By the great Tom Abeloos -